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Why Choose Bernache Consulting?

01. We multiply your chances of success in projects

The use of project management professionals generally increases any project’s chances of success. The professionals of varied experiences provided by Bernache Consulting will lead your project from end to end or merely support your team in delivering according to your expectations.

02. We deliver projects according to internationally recognized ethics and standards

With Bernache Consulting, your project is in good hands. Our working methods have been proven. We guarantee a management ethic and will lead projects according to the best internationally recognized standards, especially those of the PMI (Project Management Institute) and ISO 21500. 
All this is reassuring for the investors' confidence in the quality of the work carried out in each of the projects we operate: an efficient project management process, a rigorous and reliable financial reporting, an effective project monitoring and operational control... and finally a predictable positive result.

03. We operate in fields as varied as complex

Bernache Consulting has the ability to operate in various complex sectors of activity such as insurance and financial services, transport and logistics, ports and maritime services, import-export, manufacturing production, government services. In addition, we know the sectors of activity we serve. In general, our working method and our approach also enable us to easily and quickly adapt to any other sector of activity that needs our expertise.

04. Our network of experts is available for you

Bernache Consulting has a long experience in projects. We hold the expertise to lead projects in North America (Canada / US) and Africa. We provide the qualified team to support you. Our recruitment standards and the experience of our specialists are our greatest asset. 

05. Client is at the heart of our approach

At Bernache Consulting, we team up with you to accompany you throughout each term. We ensure that your needs are taken into account and satisfied through a rigorous and proven methodological approach. Our approach puts the client’s need at the heart of our concerns.

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