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Policies & Terms Of Use

Politique de confidentialité
Privacy Policy

By visiting or using the present Bernache Consulting website or any hyperlink leading to this website:
(1) you are deemed to have read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use;
(2) you agree to our Privacy Policy and you agree to the Terms of Use.

At Bernache Consulting, we care about protecting privacy. We believe that every individual has the right to privacy. Your data remains confidential and protected and we take the means to honour this commitment

The data collected on this website will not be used for any unlawful use and will be used only for analytical purposes and to improve the performance of the Bernache Consulting website or the services offered by the website. Bernache Consulting is committed to the protection of privacy and collected data. However, Bernache Consulting is not responsible for the consequences of false or misleading information transmitted by you or a third party as well as information illegally shared by you or a third party. Bernache Consulting also disclaims any liability for the consequences of information of a sensitive or confidential nature, transmitted on your own other than those requested by Bernache Consulting through one of our forms. 
The data collected in the forms of this website are managed with diligence and confidentiality. The information you share with Bernache Consulting about you or your business also fall under the guise of our Privacy Policy and Bernache Consulting is committed to ensuring your confidentiality.
By using this website, you consent that some of your browsing data and personal information may be collected by Bernache Consulting and any organization acting as a subsidiary of Bernache Consulting or mandated by Bernache Consulting. This information about you may include: first name(s) and last name, personal address or business address, e-mail address, telephone number and/or fax number, IP address, country from where the website was consulted, date and time you visited the website, type of Internet browser used, documents downloaded or uploaded, and copies of correspondence sent to us explicitly by email or through the use of one of our online forms (contact form, application form for employment or any other form). 

Conditions d'utilisation
Terms Of Use

The use of the masculine (male) gender in different places in this website, is solely for the sake of text lightening. At all times, unless otherwise stated, the masculine gender used on this website systematically includes the feminine (female) gender. 

The content of this website is a Bernache Consulting’s intellectual property. 
Any copy, printing or reproduction in whole or in part, not authorized by Bernache Consulting is prohibited, illegal and punishable on the grounds of the theft of intellectual property and non-compliance with the law on intellectual property and copyright.

By using this website, you are deemed to be in good faith and thus access public information for consultation purposes only. When you decide to use one of our forms, you are deemed to deal formally with Bernache Consulting. The use of the contact form or the employment application form or any other interaction form with Bernache Consulting, confirms this willingness to interact with the company. By such action, you authorize Bernache Consulting, its subsidiaries or agents to contact you to offer you the services requested or any subsequent service, unless you explicitly express in writing, at any time, your desire to no longer be solicited or to no longer receive correspondence from Bernache Consulting, from its subsidiaries or from its agents.
However, we are concerned about optimizing the time of the people and organizations we interact with and will always do our best to contact you only when necessary.

The Bernache Consulting website may contain hyperlinks or references to other websites that we do not control. The current content, updates and development of future content on these websites do not bind us and our Privacy Policy does not apply to these websites.

We are not responsible for any fraudulent use of our website in whole or in part by any third party to fool or obtain favors from another third party. Such use is illegal and punishable by law. Bernache Consulting is a legally registered company whose values go against fraud and cybercrime. Any natural or legal person attempting to illegally use the name of Bernache Consulting, its image, logo, typography or any distinctive graphic material of the company for purposes other than those authorized by the company may be subject to prosecution.

We may change our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to visit our website regularly to keep you informed.

Contact us by email at any time if you are interested in our expertise and would like to formulate a service request.

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