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Training & Capacity Building / Coaching

The sharing of knowledge and the capacity building required in conducting projects, constitute an important axis of our service offer. Bernache Consulting has a strong expertise in training and capacity building.

Professional Development Plan

We offer coaching to develop specific development plans, as needed, to help managers and professionals develop on a consistent and structured path that meets their needs. The advice they receive from us helps them determine the prerequisites and training plan necessary for their career development in one of our fields of expertise.

Training Plan and Training Curriculum

We have developed the necessary tools and expertise to design training plans and curriculum tailored to the needs of our clients. We also support projects with training plans for change management during major organizational transformations.

Training Content and Material Development

We also develop content and training materials. Bernache Consulting has a whole range of courses in project management and has the expertise to develop more specific courses according to the sector of activity, according to the client and according to the development project.

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Training for Executives and Professionals 

Bernache Consulting offers executives and professionals involved in project management activities from various business sectors :

  • Full-day training

  • Remote learning seminars (in a webinar format)

  • Courses in classrooms or in business facilities (on weekly or monthly frequency)

  • Custom private courses.

Coaching and Capacity Building 

We also offer project management coaching and assist project managers in acquiring new soft and technical skills. Our recognized expertise and long experience make all the difference when it comes to helping to:

  • train junior project managers to make them evolve as project managers

  • develop project managers to become senior project managers

  • recognize and develop people with exceptional talents and proven experience towards program management.

Conferences and professional publications

We are always available to offer, occasionally, public interventions on project management and its modern challenges to contribute to the sharing of knowledge in this area, a central point of our raison d'être. Our interventions can take different forms:

  • Conferences (lectures)

  • Online conferences (webinars)

  • Professional publications on project management

  • Expert opinions on topics of current interest or interest related to our field of expertise

  • Participation in public consultations on project governance.

Visit our website regularly if you are interested in our publications or one of our webinars.

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