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Market Development Abroad

One of the strengths of our raison d'être is, first and foremost, to act as a bridge in the cooperation and trade between North America (mainly Canada) and Africa.

Countries targeted by 
Bernache Consulting

The relatively limited knowledge of the African continent among North American start-ups does not facilitate their investments and their appetite for exporting to Africa.

However, with the very encouraging forecasts on the African economic growth for the coming decades, more and more North American companies are showing interest in exporting to Africa. But for many, making the jump represents a series of challenges...
Bernache Consulting wants to be a partner of choice in this adventure. Trust us with your project! 

​Support Services for Export to Africa from North America (Canada / United States)

Bernache Consulting proposes to accompany you in your business plan and your international expansion strategy, particularly on the African market, as well as in the concrete realization of your project in the field. Our knowledge of the field and the experience gained in several Canadian projects in Africa positions us as an ally of choice.

Support Services for New Markets or Partnerships in the US and Canada, from Africa

You are a public service, or an African company interested in exporting your know-how, products or services to Canada or to the United States, or looking for an key partner in one of these countries to meet a technological need or a need in a specific know-make? Contact us! Our knowledge of the Canadian market and our presence on the ground could make all the difference to assist you in your efforts.


Local Commercial Representation Services

​We could also temporarily represent you in your target market in Africa the time to install your business and to mark your presence in a greater way. We have locally a network of partners in legal advice and local incorporation expert partners who will guide you in the development of a new subsidiary or branch.

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