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Performance Optimization

Optimisation - Titre

Bernache Consulting has a wide range of expertise in performance management and optimization, both in operational context and in project situations:

​​​​Project Practice Improvement
Your project is going badly and you need to improve the governance or, more generally, the operating mechanisms and working methods? Call us! We have a history of project recovery and will be able to put in place proven operating rules that comply with international standards in the field.

Project Key Performance Indicators

Bernache Consulting develops specific KPIs for project monitoring and operational control according to the client's needs. These indicators are used to assess the performance of projects: earned value, CPI, SPI, RGB tracking indicators (for costs, schedules, quality, risks, issues, etc.).

Based on these indicators, in order to offer you a 360° view of your project’s health, Bernache Consulting develops custom dashboards for project monitoring.


Operational Key Performance Indicators

In day-to-day operations, where productivity control is a key to success, KPIs are powerful decision support tools. Like in project context, these indicators are also generally presented on an operational dashboard designed according to the client's needs. 

Business Process Optimization and Reengineering

When your business processes do no longer offer you the full growth potential you want or become so ineffective that they generate financial losses, it is certainly time to contact Bernache Consulting. Our Lean Six Sigma-based methods will help you identify sources of operational waste and revise processes in place to optimize them.

Amélioration des pratiques de projet
Réingénierie processus
KPI de projet
KPI opérationnels
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