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About Us

Qui sommes-nous?
Who Are We?

We are Bernache Consulting Inc., a company specializing in project management and process improvement. The company also works in the training and development of project management skills. Especially, we help our clients increase the skills of their teams and their project management decision-makers, while providing them with a structured framework to carry out their projects.

We also operate internationally and offer businesses in North America support in their international expansion ambition. head office is in Lévis, Québec (Canada), and the office in Côte d'Ivoire is located in Cocody Sainte Marie, Abidjan.

Our company is born from our desire to do project management differently, our deep commitment to productivity and our desire to share knowledge. It reflects an expertise developed over the years. In an increasingly technological context where leading a successful project becomes more complex than ever before, delivering projects with quality, in the costs and deadlines, turns out to be a real challenge for organizations. We felt the need to offer our expertise to make a difference in this context.

After several projects conducted in various contexts, the desire to share our tricks of the field and make our expertise benefit our customers has been indeed the motivation behind the birth of Bernache Consulting. Our story is as simple as that!
At Bernache, what motivates our daily action is our passion for projects. The know-how of our team of experts and committed professional consultants is our greatest pride.

Notre mission
Our Mission

Put the project management and performance optimization expertise at the service of human, social and economic development, in order to benefit our customers and partners.

Nos valeurs
Our Values

At Bernache Consulting, our values revolve around three essential points that are at the foundation of our organization

  • Transcendence : The desire to succeed by going beyond oneself is an important value for us. Above all, we surround ourselves with confident, inspiring, positive and optimistic people, always ready to surpass themselves to overcome challenges, and for whom success is important.  

  • Collaboration and Teamwork : We value teamwork in a healthy and harmonious environment where trust is built between colleagues and business partners. Two sayings characterize us the most :
    (1) We win as a team ... we lose as a team.
    (2) The 1% of 100 individuals is always more valuable than the 100% of 1 individual.


  •  Égalité et équité : We have a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination of any kind because we fundamentally believe that all humans are equal.
    Our employment equity policy is an expression of that value in our organization.

If you are interested in joining us, please visit our Career page.

Nos forces
Our Strengths

At Bernache Consulting, we carry out our mandates by drawing mainly on our strengths:

  • Proven and recognized skills

  • An international experience

  • A toolbox reflecting many years of project management practice and compliant with internationally recognized best practices.

Service à la clientète
Customer Service

Visit the Contact Us page to find out about our opening hours or to get in touch with us. 

Our Policies & Programs

Discover our policies and programs:

  • North-South Exchange Program

  • Employment Equity Policy

  • Privacy Policy

  • Terms of Use of Our Website and Services.

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